Meet other brands we have created over the years

insecta - 2

The Cobweb (Est.: 2017)

A YouTube show created to promote the growth and establishment of the visual creative space in Nigeria as an industry.

Tagline: Attract Greatness

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Insecta Photography (Est.: 2018)

A media production brand established to support businesses (especially in real estate) and customers in Nigeria with high quality photography and video production services.

Tagline: Attract Greatness

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Raknida(Est.: 2019)

A digital product we’re currently developing to promote a lucrative living for African creatives and proliferate wall art globally.

Tagline: Putting art in every space.

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Hearts of Colour (Est.: 2020)

A not-for-profit brand created to spread love to underserved groups and communities through CSR projects.

Tagline: Because we care.