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At Insecta, you can access any of the following visual creative solutions for your business or personal needs:

  • Wall Art/Environmental Graphics Design
    • Space branding
    • Customized Wallpapers
    • Graffiti & Murals
    • Glass Branding
    • Signages
  • Branding
    • Brand Identity Development
    • UI/UX Design (Mobile App & Website)
    • Product Package Design
    • Communication Graphics
  • Real Estate Photography
    • Photography
    • Video Production
    • Drone Coverage
    • Motion Graphics
  • Creative Projects Management
    • Office Interior Design
    • Space Planning
    • 3D Architectural Designs
    • Art Sales

Of course, you can! We create montages, 2D motion graphics and other types of 2D or video animation you require. Just let us know what you need!

This entirely depends on what you need. Raknida wall art prices are directly available on this website (see here), and we are available for a call or chat to answer your enquiries and give you the best prices for your high-quality services.

Send us an email at hive@insectastudios.com or chat us up on WhatsApp at +2347088826072

It takes about 10 working days to process your wall art order from the day it’s placed

If you live in Lagos, you should receive your order in 2 weeks.

If you live in Nigeria, but not in Lagos, you should receive your order in 2 – 3 weeks.

If you live outside Nigeria, you should receive your order in 3 – 4 weeks, depending on your location.

You can get your wall art as wallpaper or as framed artworks. Both currently come in one size each: 3m (height) x 2m (width) for wallpaper and 16” x 24” (portrait or landscape, depending on the digital artwork orientation).